Saturday , February 4 2023

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It is ‘Dugout’ in Baseball

 For Indian cricket lovers, Dugout refers to the benches just behind the boundary line allowing players to enter and exit the field quickly to keep in pace with the speed of 20-20 matches. But the term has its originality not in cricket but in . Dugout probably started in 1844 …

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Tennis ‘Love’

In a game of tennis the word Love is used to represent the score of a player who has not scored any point. But it is quite mysterious about why the term Love is used. It is most commonly referred that Love represents the French word L’oeuf meaning an Egg …

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Gilli Danda strikes from sepia to colour

“हमारे अंग्रेजी दोस्त माने या नहीं माने मैं तो यही कहूँगा की गुल्ली डंडा सब खेलो का राजा हैI ना लॉन की जरुरत, ना कोर्ट की, ना नेट की, ना थापी की…….” (My English friend might agree or not, but for me Gulli Danda is the king of all games. …

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