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“Pickleball has been instrumental in instigating the value of partnership in my life…….”

with Vicky Chugh

DOB:                      4th April 1978

State:                    Maharashtra

City:                       Mumbai

Club:                     Khar Gymkhana

Vicky Chugh moved back to India from the US in 2010. After working for long hours in the States, his health deteriorated. So he joined Khar Gymkhana for getting involved in varied physical activities.      

“I tried to hit the gym but was not enjoying much. One day Dr Neil Thakur just asked me if I am interested in trying a new sport called Pickleball. I thought we should play it. It was from a day in August 2015 till today that I have been looking forward to each morning to go out and play Pickleball.”

Neil Thakur and Vicky Chugh were the first players to play Pickleball in Khar Gymkhana. Gradually players started joining in; the name Pickleball slowly reiterated in the minds of KG members. A group of players has been playing Pickleball at Khar Gymkhana regularly since then and so a separate Pickleball department was formed there.

 “Pickleball is one of the most addictive sports that seems to be very easy to play but it has its own strategy and technique once you know the nitty-gritty of the sport. We at KG regularly practice and so today a strong KG team, comprising of both men and women, has been formed.”

Pickleball has changed the life of Vicky Chugh. He has never played a sport in his growing up years and therefore never knew the value of partnership or never knew how to take up loss. Pickleball has been instrumental in instigating these values in him.

“It is a huge life changer since my fitness automatically improved because of the stretching and the cardio it gives to the body. The main aspect of this game is the mental toughness which it gives to a person. Sometimes we very easily criticise a player playing in the highest level of a sport. But only after getting into a sport, I realised what is it to play in front of a crowd, what nerves are all about, what pressure is all about.”

Playing and practicing is the best way to sharpen the skills of a sport. It is through these that they get to know the new tricks of a sport.   

“I am fortunate to be sponsored by Selkirk Sports in 2016 and have been with them since then. Talking of achievements I feel that I have made so many friends throughout the country. I have an extended family now with lots of well wishers and true friends.”


  • Bronze in Men’s Doubles at JNS Open in 2018
  • Organised Avengers Pickleball League at Khar Gymkhana in 2018
  • Tournament Director of JNS Invitational Open 2019
  • Tournament Director of Sportsavour 2nd All Women Pickleball Championship, 2019

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