Saturday , March 18 2023

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“Some precious things in life shouldn’t change and Pickleball is one of those….”, Sunil Valavalkar

Pickleball, one of the most trending sports in the world, is standing at a juncture. With its increasing popularity, there is integration of certain changes in it, but that has given rise to some inevitable arguments. Sunil Valavalkar, the President of International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) and the founder of …

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“I took the risk to leave a settled job and pursue an unsettled Fencing dream…”, Shweta Avadh

Meet Shweta Chandaliya Avadh- the national fencer who turned to become a coach to produce future champions in a comparatively newer sport; keeping pace with India’s notion of emerging as a ‘Sporting Nation’. From where it all started…. Shweta Avadh: Initially I played Handball, Throwball, Kho Kho but I was …

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India at CWG 2022- Finishes 4th with 61 medals but behind 101 medals achieved at Delhi 2010 edition

India finished 4th at the Commonwealth Games 2022; its best performance still remains to be at Delhi 2010 edition where India finished 2nd with 101 medals. India ended its Commonwealth Games 2022 campaign with four gold medals on the last day. India won a total of 61 medals  and clinched …

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