Wednesday , May 25 2022


Robots playing football or drones controlling races- the hi-tech sports that tend to rule future world

A host of new high-tech sports depending on technological innovations, artificial intelligence, robotics and others, are kicking off in different parts of the globe. Robots playing football on the field or races between pilot-controlled drones- futuristic sports are now being created  through technological innovations, even rules and strategies are drawn …

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‘Messing’ with the ‘Tradition’ of the sport, T20 Cricket takes blistering steps into its 7th World Cup

The curtailed form of Cricket, Twenty20, has changed the whole cricketing landscape. The formula of hitting hard and scoring high has made a lot of the ‘traditional’ Cricket lovers indifferent to this format. However, like its blistering pace, T20 Cricket has reached quickly to its 7th World Cup that is …

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Parallel to Olympics, the ‘Paralympics’ exist; the 16th summer edition set to start in Tokyo

The word Paralympic is derived from the Greek preposition ‘para’, which means ‘beside’  and the word ‘Olympic’. It means that Paralympics are parallel to the Olympic Games and illustrates the way in which the two movements coexist alongside each other. The Paralympics is arguably the most important international sports competition …

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The sacred Olympic Torch that tells the tale of hope, happiness and humanity

The extremely popular and historically important Olympic Torch Relay has seen many alterations and exemptions in 2020 Tokyo Olympics due to COVID pandemic; but the ever-burning flame eternally glows to represent a tale of happiness, hope and humanity.        History tells us how Prometheus stole fire from the gods to …

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