Saturday , October 23 2021


Fresh digital positioning, home-made paddles, substantial tournament ahead- Pickleball India refurbish under coordinated administration of AIPA-APFI

As with all new things, Pickleball in India has been through ups and downs; some disturbing and unfortunate incidents led to some unpleasant experience. Still, the essence of the sport prevailed and Pickleball India is into greener pasture now.   It’s been almost 15 years since Pickleball has started in India. …

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“Pickleball Global’s vision is to provide a perfect structure to Pickleball in terms of ranking and organizing tournaments….” Jan Papi

Poulomi Kundu, editor of Sportsavor, in conversation with Jan Papi, the founder of Pickleball Global- the organisation associated with Pickleball sport technologically.  Since its inception in 1965 at Bainbridge Island by three American gentlemen, Pickleball has travelled far and wide. The sport is now played in several countries across North …

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Formation of AFP: the Asia Federation of Pickleball that aims to passionately integrate sportsmanship in the continent through Pickleball

The Asia Federation of Pickleball (AFP) is formed to establish, jointly govern and promote the sport of Pickleball in all Asian countries. Pickleball is one sport that is making a steady progress in the world sporting scenario. Pickleball is governed internationally by International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) that perpetuates the …

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“Pickleball has given me hope to play for the country…….”

with Harsh Mehta DOB:                      31st May 1998 State:                    Maharashtra City:                       Mumbai Club:                     Khar Gymkhana Being a national-level Table Tennis player, Harsh Mehta always dreamt of representing the country in international tournaments. But due to his growing-pressure in studies, he could not fulfil that dream. But Table Tennis has opened …

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“Pickleball is now a ritual and a routine every night from 9-11…….”

with Rajeev Kasat DOB:                      29th December 1969 State:                     Maharashtra City:                       Mumbai Club:                      Anmol “My daughter, Drishika was the reason I took Pickleball seriously. I have always yearned to see her grow and improve considering her immense potential. As a player, I am able to guide her better and, in …

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“I find Pickleball more exciting than other sports that I play…….”

with Shresta L Ram                    DOB:                     22nd July 2005  State:                    Karnataka City:                      Bangalore Club:                     KSPA Shresta L Ram recently won two major medals in the 3rd Indian Open 2020 at Jaipur and thus made a name for himself. The young boy with exceptional flair is certainly a bright prospect for Pickleball …

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