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15th National Transplant Games- When sports celebrate life and lit up many lives


The 15th edition of the National Transplant Games, a multi-disciplinary sporting event organised exclusively for organ donors and receivers, recently took place in Mumbai.

Narmada Kidney Foundation is an organisation striving hard to create awareness about organ transplantation and donation for the last 30 years. In order to demonstrate that donor continues to remain healthy after donating an organ and that transplant patient returns to ‘near normal’ quality of life after transplantation, the Foundation has been organising National Transplant Games since 2008.

For the last 15 years, the Transplant Games have become one of the major sources of encouragement for organ donors and receivers to celebrate their life through sports. This year there were around 185 participants, out of which 80 participants travelled to Mumbai from various parts of India. Narmada Kidney Foundation reimbursed their travelling cost and arranged one night stay in Mumbai.

There were various sporting activities like Track and Field games, Indoor games and other fun games for the participants. Shibani Gulati, one of the participant of the event who had a kidney transplant, was the first recipient to run 21 kms in Mumbai Marathon 4 years back. Kishor Suryavanshi, who won medals in World Transplant Games, also participated in Track games.

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