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A new era: Retaining the iconic green-maroon jersey, ATK Mohun Bagan embraces a fresh journey


The Board of Directors of ATK Mohun Bagan decided to retain the iconic green and maroon jersey as a new journey starts for the two Kolkata Football teams.

In January 2020, the 131-year old Mohun Bagan Football Club merged with Atletico de Kolkata (ATK) when the owner of the ISL side, RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, bought 80% of shares of Mohun Bagan. It was announced that the new club will function from the 2020-21 season as ATK MohunBagan Club.

As soon as the merger was announced, there was mixed reaction from Mohun Bagan fanatics. While some felt that the merger would help in the future progress of the club, others believed that the flavour of Kolkata Maidan would turn bitter with the move. There was a high reluctance from some supporters as they felt that the age-old rivalry of East Bengal Mohun Bagan was about to die.

In March 2020, the Covid pandemic broke that brought in some healing point to the burning discussion of the merger. However, acceptances and rejections apart- the coming together of Mohun Bagan FC and ATK has definitely set a new era in Indian Football.

The first board meeting of the new club was held and unanimously decided three major issues:

  • The iconic green and maroon colours of Mohun Bagan club jersey are to be retained.
  • ATK Mohun Bagan to build world class football academy in Bengal.
  • Young talented players from Mohun Bagan are to be inducted in the team.


The iconic green and maroon jersey is synonymous to the 131-year’s legacy of Mohun Bagan. As per Mohun Bagan official website, the administrators decided to respect the sentiments of one of the largest sporting fan bases in the country by retaining the jersey colour.


The Board Directors also preserved the logo that has been a part of Kolkata’s culture and tradition. The logo, that features a boatman along with the green and maroon sails famously known as Pal Tola Nauok, continues its journey.

Srinjoy Bose and Debashis Dutta, Directors of ATK Mohun Bagan Private Limited said “We are indeed delighted that the Board of ATK Mohun Bagan has agreed to keep the colour green and maroon and the ‘Pal Tola Nauka’ image as the house colour and the mnemonic of the new avatar of Mohun Bagan . These have been the heartbeat of millions of ardent football followers spread all across the globe. The spirit of sports and camaraderie lives on. We have utmost faith and confidence that this entity under the able guidance of the Board will carry forward the 131 years of legacy and heritage which will resonate in the global arena of Football. In one sentence this avtaar will be glorius past, vibrant future.”

Football Academy

The company will invest in building a world-class Football academy in Bengal which will help the local players and ensure maximum inclusion of new players in the club. ATK Mohun Bagan soccer schools will be launched across the country which will impart high quality Football education.

Sourav Ganguly, co-owner of ATK Mohun Bagan Private Limited said “I salute the coming together of ATK and Mohun Bagan club. Together the brand name ATK Mohun Bagan will create history.”

Steps are being taken to ensure that ATK Mohun Bagan gets access to the best infrastructure and training to compete in the international arena. The Board members have also decided to invest on refurbishment of the existing Mohun Bagan facility so that ISL and AFC home games are held there.

Sanjiv Goenka, Principal Owner ATK Mohun Bagan Private Limited said “My pronams to the many legends who have over decades contributed to the great legacy that Mohun Bagan is. I seek their blessings in this new journey. Mohun Bagan has been close to my heart since childhood. I have had the honour to watch the Green and Maroon play some of their best football. We respect legacy and have retained the same jersey which generations down the line have embraced, adored and loved. My dream is to establish ATK Mohun Bagan as a world class team which earns its place in the international circuit.”

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