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A three-day Wheelchair Basketball training camp in Rudrapur


A special three-day Wheelchair Basketball training camp has started from June 28 at Stone Ridge International Public School, at Rudrapur in Uttarakhand.

The Wheelchair Basketball camp at Rudrapur is being organized jointly by the Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India and the Disabled Sporting Society Uttarakhand. Bharat Bhushan Chugh, the State President of the Disabled Sporting Society has been instrumental in promoting disabled sports across Uttarakhand.
The camp aims to enhance the skills of para athletes and prepare them for participation in national and international competitions. A total of 30 athletes, comprising 15 male and 15 female players from various districts of Uttarakhand, have been selected for the training.
The camp will continue till June 30. The athletes participating in this camp will receive specialized coaching from Varun Ahlawat, President of the Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India, and Louis Gaurang, an international coach.
Harish Chaudhary, an international para athlete and State Secretary of the Society, explained that the selection process was based on the athletes’ levels of disability with each player being assigned a score from 1 to 4.5. The total score of the team on the court must not exceed 14 points, ensuring balanced competition by accounting for players’ varying levels of mobility.
The coaching camp will provide comprehensive training to prepare the Uttarakhand team for the National Wheelchair Basketball Competition scheduled for October in Gwalior. Additionally, special coaches will be trained to monitor and enhance the performance of the players throughout the camp.
Transport facilities and special wheelchairs for the training were generously provided by social worker Kavish Aggarwal from Noida.
The inauguration ceremony was attended by Bharat Bhushan Chugh, Harish Chaudhary, Rajesh Saluja (Manager of Stone Ridge International School), Principal Sanjeev Stephen, and Rakesh Srivastava.
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