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Amidst political controversy, sports grounds of Borivali-Kandivali remain the source of fresh breath


Yesterday, as I walked passed the Raghuleela Mall in Kandivali West, I noticed Poinsur Gymkhana nearby. Curious enough, I stepped inside and luckily met Karunakar Shetty, Vice President of the club. What went on was a long conversation, as he narrated the history of the Gymkhana and also about some of the other recreational and sports grounds in Kandivali-Borivali region of Mumbai Western suburb.

The Poinsur Gymkhana was established on 23rd January, 2002 encircling an area of 12 acres. With a vision to provide modern sporting amenities to the young talents of Mumbai suburbs, the Gymkhana started to function with Cricket and Athletics; and now, after 22 years, around 350 young sportsmen regularly take coaching in various disciplines like Football, Basketball, Archery, Skating, Gymnastics, Judo/Karate, Mallakhamb and Yoga.

Gopal Shetty, the Member of Parliament from North Mumbai, who was instrumental in developing Poinsur Gymkhana, wanted to gift the middle-class people of Borivali-Kandivali region a well-equipped sporting entity where they could use the facilities with a cheaper membership fee than the other Gymkhanas of Mumbai suburb.

Apart from sporting activities, Poinsur Gymkhana has several events lined up throughout each year. The most celebrated among them is the Uttar Mumbai Krida Mahotsav, organised since 2003. The event that started with only 40 children participating in Athletics, has grown enormously with almost 8000 children participating in 21 disciplines in 2023. 

The local people, apart from the members, have been thronging the Gymkhana every morning. It is quite heartening to find joggers and walkers going round the track, renewing their energy for the day. The authority has also installed amenities for physical exercises for the general public at one end of the premises. The senior citizens have also been provided with a separate area for their recreational purposes.

With the aim to make sports an integral part of the society, Poinsur Gymkhana keeps on introducing new facilities for its members. The latest inclusion is the initiation of Pickleball in the arena by developing three dedicated courts for the sport. With the able support of All India Pickleball Association (AIPA), Poinsur Gymkhana promises to nurture more players for the future of the sport. 

Poinsur Gymkhana stands tall in the Borivali-Kandivali region, and so are many other sports grounds. The Veer Savarkar Udyaan, Pramod Mahajan Kridangan, Balasaheb Thackerey Manoranjan Udyaan, Sardar Vallabhbhai Garden, Jhansi Ki Rani Udyaan, Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaja Kridangan, Malvani Gymkhana, Maharana Pratap Kridangan and others have been developed prioritizing the health and fitness of the local people. 

Sport has the power to inspire, unite and awaken hope. “Sport speaks to people in a language they can understand,”- remembering these words of Nelson Mandela, it can be said that sport plays a major role in bringing communities together. The ‘gardens’ and ‘clubs’ of Borivali-Kandivali region do provide enough spaces for the commoners to come together and have a harmonious development of themselves with the goal of Olympism of promoting a peaceful society by preserving human dignity.

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