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Hi 5 Youth Foundation signs a 3-year deal with Vector X


Hi 5 Youth Foundation is thrilled to announce a three-year partnership agreement with Vector X, to enhance the young athletes with essential equipment.

The leading sports equipment brand, Vector X, will serve as the equipment and shoe partner to Hi 5 Youth Foundation. The company will be supplying Supreme Vector X basketballs and Vector X Dunk 2.0 basketball shoes at nominal rates.

This partnership will ensure that Hi 5 Youth Foundation’s programs are equipped with high-quality gear. As a result, it will foster a better training environment and promote sports excellence among youth.

In addition to the regular supply of basketballs and shoes, Vector X will also sponsor basketballs and other necessary equipment for the Intra Hi 5 League, a key component of Hi 5 Youth Foundation’s program.

Talking about the same Anshul Jain, Head of Operations of Hi 5 Youth Foundation said, “We are incredibly grateful to Vector X for their commitment to supporting our mission and our young athletes. This partnership will allow us to provide our participants with the best possible equipment, helping them to reach their full potential both on and off the court.”

Talking about the partnership Mr Vikas Gupta, Managing Director, Soccer International Pvt Ltd said, “Vector X was envisioned with the passion to provide world-class sports goods to Indian athletes at affordable prices. Support for grassroots and not-for-profit sports programs had been at the crux of our marketing orientation. Partnership with Hi 5 Youth Foundation is an extension of our focus on this outstanding effort in providing underprivileged kids with excellent Basketball facilities & training.”

Recently, Hi 5 Youth Foundation successfully completed their Summer Camp- Transformative Summer Slam. Motilal Nagar BMC School celebrated a remarkable victory to conclude the month-long camp for 10 to 16-year-olds in Maharashtra.

This camp combined basketball training, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, and essential life skills, thus, offering students a unique and transformative summer experience. These camps made a profound impact on the lives of the participating youth.

Summer Slam had both residential and a day camp. The first was a 10-day residential camp at Sant Gadge Maharaj Ashramshala at Vasind in Maharashtra. Each day, students engaged in 6 hours of rigorous basketball training and additional sessions focused on developing teamwork, discipline, and other life-changing skills.

The second part was an 18-day day camp, which focused on honing basketball skills, mastering English fluency through immersive ESL classes, and building a solid foundation for success beyond the basketball court.

Following the Summer Slam, dedicated students had the opportunity to participate in the highly anticipated Intra Hi 5 Summer Slam Tournament. This four-day event featured over 60 Hi 5 teams with 627 children across various age categories, including U12, U14, U17, and Men’s and Women’s divisions.

In this tournament, Motilal Nagar BMC School won the U12 boys and girls categories, as well as the U14 boys and girls categories. In the U17 divisions, Vajreshwari (Sant Gadge Maharaj Ashram Shala) won the boys’ category, while Dixit (Vile Parle (E) MPS) won the girls’ category.

Talking about the success of the Summer Slam – Kevin Francis, Technical Head, said, “The Summer Slam was not just about playing basketball; it was about building a foundation for lifelong success. Seeing the students grow, both on and off the court, and witnessing their incredible talent and dedication during the tournament was truly inspiring.”

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