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Kronum: The new sport combines handball, football, basketball, rugby only for the action to flow in all directions


Kronum is a new sport with combining elements of Handball, Football, Basketball and Rugby targeting the youth of today.

In 2008, Pennsylvania boy Bill Gibson formed a team sport by combining aspects of Handball, Football, Football and Rugby. Through this newly-formed sport, Kronum, he intended to allow players from multiple sports to get together.

With a mix and match of different play styles, there is room on the field for every player to show their skills. Within a circular area of 50-yard diameter, a game of Kronum is divided into three sessions of twenty minutes each. The field is divided into four quadrants and each quadrant has a goalpost. The field is even divided into different zones like goal zone, wedge zone and flex zone.

The goalpost, though looks exactly like a Football goalpost, but is different as it has five crowns at the top. The scoring of a game depends on from which zone the goal is scored and whether it is scored directly to the chamber or through the crown.

In the goal zone, scoring in the chamber counts as 1 point while through the crown rings counts as 2 points. Scoring in the chamber from the wedge zone and the flex zone is similar. If the goal is scored in the chamber directly then it is worth 2 points while through the crown ring counts as 4 points. But from the cross zone if a goal is scored through the crown then the team gets 8 points and that is the ultimate Kronum.

The players are placed at different positions and that depends on the skills they have. The Crossers generally patrol the flex zone and the prime ring. They are the playmakers of the game having a skilful ball-handling ability. The Rangers keep the ball rolling with speed and agility and therefore they must possess equal skill in ballhandling and footstrokes. In the last line of defense the Wedgebacks are positioned. Their quick reflexes help in saving the ball from reaching the goal chamber.

In November 2019, Kronum was launched in India as a part to promote new sports in the country. The Kronum Federation of India (KFI) is the governing body for the sport in India and is affiliated to the International Kronum Federation.

The KFI follows the rulebook of international federation but is working on some minor changes to make it more attractive for the Indian youth. Gautam Singh, General Secretary of Kronum Federation of India, revealed, “To reach the youngsters of the country, we are making full use of this lockdown situation. We are more active on social platforms and promoting the game through audio, videos, photographs etc.”

The KFI has been formed with initial seven founder members who voluntarily contributed towards its formation. After that, various states like Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam, Delhi have been reached for the initiation of state units. These state units have taken the responsibility to promote the sport in their state.

Even the technical committee of KFI are ready with plans for the referees and officials. Kailash, Member of Technical Committee, stated, “We have clearly made three categories for the referees and officials- Grade A, Grade B and Grade C. As per the gradation, the officials will be allotted for the matches.”

So it has been a ready platform for Kronum to take its first steps in India. It is only, the administrators are hoping for the normalcy.

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