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No barrier to sport- Monika and Vinod triumph after transplantation


Transplantation is no barrier to sport- Ironman Monika Srivastava and biker Vinod Vishwakarma are two classic examples of people undergoing transplantation but later leading an active normal life.

Monika Srivastava- A Living Donor

Monika Srivastava, a full-time working woman is also an athlete. And that too after she donated one of her kidneys.

Monika grew up in Delhi where she completed her Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, followed by Post Graduation in Management. She settled in Pune and had an engaging professional life.

It was in 2011, Monika decided to donate her kidney to her brother-in-law who was diagnosed with kidney failure and transplant was the only option. 

“Everybody has come in this world for a purpose. I felt that donating my organ is that purpose of my life,” Monika exclaimed.

After transplantation, it was stress and strain for some months. It escalated due to Monika’s existing hypothyroidism and liver deranged parameter. But, it was self-determination that enabled Monika to overcome those condition.

“There was a deep-down scare, but gradually I prevailed over the situation. I started doing physical exercises and all my apprehensions started disappearing. It was back to normal for me,” said Monika.

In 2013, Monika Srivastava had her second child. She continued her active lifestyle and healthy eating habits. As a result, it became easier for her to get into Athletics.

Ironman Monika Srivastava

In 2021, Monika challenged herself to level up and enter into Triathlon. This sport requires an athlete to cover three events- Running, Swimming and Cycling.

“With all my training under Ironman-certified coach Chaitanya Velhal , along with proper medical guidance, I was able to achieve my dream of finishing Ironman 70.3 in Turkey,” Monika informed.

Ironman 70.3 refers to the total distance in miles (113.0 km) covered in the race, consisting of a 1.2-mile (1.9 km) Open Water Sea Swimming, a 56-mile (90 km) Cycling, and a 13.1-mile (21.1 km) Running. An athlete has to complete all the three events successively within a specified time limit.

“I feel a sense of achievement when I say that I finished my Ironman 70.3. But this is just a beginning and there is a lot more to achieve,” she announced.

Vinod Vishwakarma- Life Did Not Change After Transplantation

An avid biker from his early days, Vinod Vishwakarma used to ‘vroom‘ his bike whenever he felt like. But in 2008, he developed kidney failure. He underwent dialysis for two years, but without getting too much of result.

“I did not lead a healthy life prior to my illness.There are many people like me who do not bother about physical exercises and good eating habits. This is a serious blunder,” Vinod said.

In 2010, under the guidance of Narmada Kidney Foundation, Vinod Vishwakarma underwent kidney transplantation. Since then, it is only healthy living and eating for him.

That helped Vinod to continue his passion for riding. It is nothing short of a fairy tale when Vinod gets up in the morning and takes his bike out to have a ride across the plains and mountains. And everytime he rides he carries the message of organ donation and spreads it wherever he reaches.

Vinod said, “I am extremely thankful to Narmada Kidney Foundation for my new life. I am hugely inspired by Dr Bharat Shah who constantly motivates us. I always participate in the National Transplant Games where organ donors and recievers come together and participate in various disciplines. This is an extreme noble initiative.”

Vinod’s Ride to Nepal

Recently Vinod Vishwakarma rode all the way from Narmada Kidney Foundation’s office to Nepal to create awareness about kidney disease and organ donation. On his 2000km way, he stopped at Dhule, Jhansi, Lucknow, Gorakhpur and Sonawati Border.

“When I reached Nepal, I received a warm welcome. There I met a person who had a transplantation just two years back but seemed to be depressed in life. I told my story to him and said that if I could enjoy my life as per my wishes after 14 years of transplantation, then why he couldn’t do so?,” narrated Vinod.

Life After Transplantation- Lead As You Wish

Both Monika and Vinod strongly advocate organ donation. And they want to make it loud and clear-

“I think if any one sport is adopted after transplantation, then it is not at all a hindrance to lead a normal life,” said Vinod.

“Just break the myth. There is nothing called we cannot do. It is always I can do. A little courage, strong determination and consistency is the key.” Monika concluded.

Watch the video here.

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