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Once a champion, Boris Becker does not know where his ‘Wimbledon trophies’ are


Boris Becker, who was declared bankrupt in 2017 and is currently on trial, said he had lots of trophies from his glittering Tennis career but some are now missing.

“Shocked” and “embarrassed” after being declared bankrupt in 2017, former Wimbledon champion Boris Becker said that negative publicity had damaged his image and left him struggling to make enough money to pay off his debts. The six-time Grand Slam winner had been seeking to pay off a more than $3.9 million loan from a private bank including through the sale of his estate in Spain.

The news of his bankruptcy came some days before Wimbledon 2017 while he was working for the BBC as well as Australian and Japanese television stations. “As you can imagine, I was very shocked at the fact. Because it was all over world news, and I walked through the gate of Wimbledon and everyone knew. I was embarrassed because I was bankrupt,” Becker said.

The former world number one is currently on trial accused of failing to hand over assets including nine trophies and medals from his glittering Tennis career. It includes nine counts of failing to hand over trophies and other awards, seven of concealing property, five of failing to disclose estate, two of removal of property and one of concealing debt.

However, Becker denied 24 charges under the Insolvency Act. He told the London court that he has sold his properties to help fix his finances. “For the player, it’s about winning the title. The trophy is not so much when you are playing,” Becker further added.

Among the awards he is accused of failing to hand over after he was declared bankrupt are two of his three Wimbledon Men’s Singles titles, his 1992 Olympic gold medal and Australian Open trophies from 1991 and 1996. Becker said that some of his trophies were auctioned off for £700,000 to pay his debts and he has made various appeals to try to locate the missing trophies.

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