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“Pickleball comes with a feeling of something new everytime I play it…….”


with Jagruti Jaware

DOB:                      14th April 1996

State:                    Maharashtra

City:                       Bhusawal

Club:                     Kotecha College

“When I took the paddle in my hand, i felt an immediate cnnect. I was playing the ball well and it was so exciting”

Jagruti Jaware is playing Pickleball for the last 6 years. A national-level Throwball player and a university-level Basketball player, Jagruti is passionate about sport. Even she is a professional sports teacher. But she wants to be recognised as a player first.    

“I am always fascinated about raquet sports. So when I started playing Pickleball, I felt a sense of satisfaction. It gave me all the charm and glamour of Tennis. Pickleball is such an easy game to play but has variations as well. On baseline it is played in a certain manner while from behind the kitchen line it has to be played differently. Both situations need different skill set that avoids the monotonous feel. Everytime I play Pickleball, I feel something new in it. I cant live without it now.”

Jagruti Jaware has experienced the initial days of Pickleball when the sport was taking baby steps in India. The progress of Pickleball in India is definitely a talk of the town. 

 “In India the progress in slow but steady. In the midst of established sports, Pickleball will definitely take more time to make its mark. But we feel really proud of the way it has progressed in India. So many players are there now playing this sport. It was so encouraging to see so many players in the 1st Ranking Tournament at Pune.”

As players are increasing in India, competition level is getting higher. So players like Jagruti Jaware are getting tough fight from not only experienced players but newer players as well.

“I require more practice to develop my skill. I have to improvise myself and become consistent. Time management is really a problem for me but I have to make out time for Pickleball if I want to be a better player. Dedication is needed to become a high-level pro-Pickleball player.”

As Pickleball is a perfect sport for every woman, there is a steep increase of women players in India. But still the ratio of women players is less than male players. 

“More women players should take interest in Pickleball. In today’s hectic life, working woman can get their stress relief from this sport. We need to project Pickleball for a woman in such a manner that it will create an image to women that it is their own sport which they can play easily to reduce their daily stress.”


  • Gold in Women’s Singles at 1st State-level Junior Pickleball Championship, 2011
  • Gold in Women’s Doubles at 1st State-level Junior Pickleball Championship, 2011
  • Gold in Women’s Doubles Singles at 4th State-level Junior & Senior Pickleball Championship, 2014
  • Silver in Women’s Singles at ND Senior State Championship, 2014
  • Gold in Women’s Singles at 5th Senior State Pickleball Championship, 2015
  • Silver at 3rd National Pickleball Championship in Panipat
  • Silver in Women’s Singles at State Pickleball Championship in Aurangabad
  • Winner of President’s Award in 2015 from Railway Bharat Scouts ND Guide
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