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“Pickleball doesn’t demand much but offers a lot of values to us…….”

with Kasturi Vighne

DOB:              16th September 1992

State:             Maharashtra

City:               Mumbai

Club:              Anmol

Kasturi Vighne was an active sportsperson in her school. She represented her school in Football. Throwball, Handball etc. But once in college, she lost almost all contacts with sports. But being a sports lover, one thing that she terribly missed after school was playing sports at competitive level.

“When I joined college all these sports activities had stopped and being a science student I didn’t have enough time. So it was a kind of hibernation to me- a long stretch from my college days till I became a professional when I dared to dream about playing competitive sports.”

Kasturi’s chance meeting with Pickleball facilitated to come out from that hibernation. It was the rains of 2018 and the strong winds made it impossible to play Badminton on the wet outdoor courts of her residential society.

“It was also the time when my gym was shut for three months due to some renovation work. And I being so obsessed about missing my workout schedule had to find an alternative to stay fit. It was exactly that time when my partner Drishika and her father started playing Pickleball in the same outdoor court whenever there was a little respite from rains. They offered me the paddle and instantly it was some magic. I picked up the sport fast and soon turned into a passionate Pickleball player.”

It is only a little over one year since Kasturi Vighne has known the world of Pickleball. But it has already given her immense joy and a new level of excitement.  

“As it is an easy sport, Pickleball doesn’t demand much from you. But it offers a lot of values to us. The game has taught me to be patient, work hard and keep trying till you get the result. It also provides a unique way to stay fit and fine. I think more women should pursue this sport as it doesn’t require any age criteria. So they can easily get a new comfort zone while playing this sport. This, I think, is the best part about this sport. ”

Kasturi, who uses Elite Series Finesse Pickleball paddle because of its light weight, has set some goals for herself as a player. She is planning to pursue this sport at all competitive level and therefore practicing how to be a perfect dinker and trying to master more winning shots.

“I have just started and have to practice very hard to be a national or an international player. There are so many experienced players in India from whom I need to learn many things. But I am trying my best to reach to a more professional level, perhaps by next year, when I can represent my state or my country on an international platform.”


  • Gold in Women’s Doubles at 1st All Women Pickleball Tournament, 2018
  • Silver in Mixed Doubles at JMDYC Tournament, 2019
  • Bronze in Women’s Doubles at JMDYC Tournament, 2019

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