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“Pickleball has further strengthened the bonding with my father…….”

with Drishika Kasat

DOB:              11th August 2003

State:             Maharashtra

City:               Mumbai

Club:              Anmol


“The person behind my introduction to Pickleball is my father. Being an amazing player himself, he is determined to make me a better player each day.”

Drishika Kast with her father Rajeev Kasat

Drishika Kasat could not stop thanking his father for bringing the game to her. She feels that this game has made their bonding even stronger.

“My father is my coach. He is always there by the sideline, encouraging and motivating me. He is more confident than me and is sure that I will definitely make it to the national team in near future. But for that he always asks me to concentrate more and work harder. Another person who always motivates me to play is my partner Kasturi Vighne.”

Drishika Kasat and Kasturi Vighne with the winner’s prize

Drishika and Kasturi are amazing partners who always complement each other. They played together in most tournaments and even won some. Drishika used to play Tennis at advanced level till her 9th standard but due to studies she had to discontinue it. After that she wanted to try something new and Pickleball acted as the perfect one.

“My summer vacations were going on and I had nothing to do when my father came to me and casually asked that whether I would like to play Pickleball. At that time I had only a faint idea about the game and agreed to play it. And that’s how I started playing Pickleball. In a practice of just a day or two, I went for my first tournament and unexpectedly won the most promising player award.”

Drishika Kasat standing extreme left

That was the day when Drishika Kasat decided to continue playing this game. As she was a Tennis player, it was easier for her to adapt to this game. But she understood that she needs to master dinking and have to control her shots more.

“This sport has led to me to believe that I can win in tournaments. It has increased my confidence, focus and determination. I am working on the areas in which I lag behind. But definitely I have decided a goal in my life of representing my country internationally in tournaments.”


  • Gold in Women’s Doubles 1st All Women Pickleball Tournament, 2018
  • Bronze in Women’s Doubles in JMDYC Open Tournament, 2019
  • Member of the bronze-medal winning team in 1st Women’s League Tournament, 2019
  • Gold in Women’s Doubles in Anmol Premier League, 2019

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