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“Pickleball has made my outlook broader and more global”






DOB:              9th April, 1975

State:             Maharashtra

City:               Mumbai

Club:              ClubMK

Sunil Joshi started playing Pickleball in 2014. It was around spring that year when Sunil Valavalkar gave a demonstration of the game at Mangal Kripa Society, located in the busy Goregaon area of Mumbai. The residents were initially quite reluctant to witness the demonstration, as to them the name “Pickleball was so depressing”. Sunil Joshi, a resident of Mangal Kripa, was one in that group who watched the primary session of Pickleball.

“Sunil Valavalkar sir was so convinced with the game and insisted us to watch the demo at least. And when we watched it, we fell in love with this game,”

Since then Joshi is in love with the game. There is a group of ‘Pickleball Buddies’ in his society who regularly practices in a specially-made court. After a day’s hard work in his Tax Consultancy Firm, it is Pickleball that de-stresses him.

“While playing the game I really forget all the tensions and stress of day-to-day life. We practice whenever we get time and this has increased our bonding as well.”

Sunil Joshi has participated in multiple tournaments on national front. He has become a seasoned doubles player who has the ability to adapt to the slow game. Joshi is extremely patient on court with a level head. This, added to his gentle personality, has made him a reliable doubles partner to many other players.

“The connectivity with people throughout India has increased a lot after I started playing Pickleball.”

Sunil Joshi wants to develop consistently as a player. So he uses those equipment that suits him the most. Joshi uses Prolite Rebel and Supernova Pro while playing.

“It is extremely important to choose the right gear. Your hand and mind should have the perfect coordination.”  

But at the same time he wants to promote Pickleball as much as he can so that other people can experience the benefits of Pickleball which he got.


  • 2nd Runner-up in the 1st Open Pickleball Tournament 2015
  • Winner in Mumbai Suburban Pickleball Tournament 2016-17
  • Runner-up in Tournament by Invitation at Khar Gynkhana, Mumbai in 2016
  • 2nd Runner-up in 7th Maharashtra State Pickleball Tournament in 2018
  • Runner-up in Mumbai Open Pickleball Tournament in 2018
  • Successfully organized Unseeded Pickleball Tournament 2018 and 1st J N Open Pickleball Tournament 2018

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