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“Pickleball has pushed all other sports in the backseat for me…….”

with Bidhyut Bibhash Choudhury

DOB:              19th December 1994

State:             Maharashtra

City:               Mumbai

Club:              JMD

“Who doesn’t like an opportunity to compete at a high level. Be it any sport; Pickleball has surely helped me a lot and gives you hope that you can succeed at it.”

Bidhyut Bibhash Choudhury used to play Cricket and Football; sport has always been a keen part of his life. But he always looks out for new sports to venture in.

“Pickleball came as a surprise as I had seen people whom I know play this sport in my neighbouring building. Me and a friend of mine went there and we were allowed to give it a try and there’s no looking back since then.”

Bidhyut was selected for the Super Smashers team for the inaugural Pickleball Super League. He contributed effectively to the overall success of the team. Super Smashers eventually emerged as winner in the tournament. This victory helped Bidhyut to collect much confidence for further success.

“It has helped me to focus a lot more considering my zero-patience level. I am eagerly waiting for another super league as that seems to be the limelight event. But at the same time I want to make a name in the singles event as well.”

According to Bidhyut Choudhury, there are various key areas where he should improve for evolving as a better player.   

“Dinking needs a lot of patience. So my mind should be calmer and steadier. I need to work on my mind but I should to be robust too.”

Being an engineer, Bidhyut is tied up by his profession. But Pickleball helps him to de-stress and also to remain healthy. To him, Pickleball is his road to happiness where he has friends, fun and frolic.


  • Member of Gold Medal winning team at Pickleball Super League in 2018
  • Bronze in Men’s Doubles at JNS Open, 2018
  • Gold at JMD Open, 2018


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