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“Pickleball is an extraordinary game that takes everyone by surprise…….”

with Aditi Jagtap

DOB:              23rd February 2002

State:             Maharashtra

City:               Aurangabad

Club:              Aurangabad Pickleball Club 

Aditi Jagtap is a sportsman in heart, likes to play any type of sport but loves to play Pickleball. An extremely talented woman player, she is believed to become one of the stars of Indian Pickleball and take this game much forward in India.

“Initially when I started playing Pickleball I found it very attractive and different from other games. The balls and rackets are unique. It was not difficult for me to learn this game. But once you learn the game you have to continue practicing.”

The Aurangabad girl is thankful to her coach Mahesh Pardesi for introducing this game to her. Being her Tennis coach, Pardesi knew the strengths and weaknesses of Aditi. So he guided her completely to mould her into a perfect Pickleball player.     

“For all Aurangabad players, Mahesh Pardesi sir is the leader. I am grateful to him to give so much time to develop me as a player. Pickleball has improved my fitness a lot and also increased my self confidence.”

A medal or two in every tournament is a must for Aditi Jagtap. Starting from junior category and then graduating into the senior category, Aditi has won medals in all.

“I cherish the fact that through this game people know me. I have created an identity for myself. I travel to so many places. I meet my old friends in the tournaments and also make new friends there. It is all like I am travelling with my family.”

Aditi hopes that one day Pickleball will definitely become an Olympic sport. She wants to represent the country at the highest level and make it proud.

“It’s a dream for me like many others. Pickleball will definitely become an Olympic sport and I hope that the day comes as early as possible. I want to represent India in the Olympics and that is my ultimate aim.”


  • Gold in 5th Senior State Pickleball Championship in 2015
  • Bronze in 3rd National Pickleball Championship, 2015
  • Gold in U-14 Maharashtra State Pickleball Championship, 2016
  • Gold in Women’s Doubles at Mumbai Open, 2016
  • Gold in U-18 State Level Pickleball Championship in 2017
  • Gold in Women’s Singles at Mumbai Open, 2017
  • Gold in Women’s Doubles at Mumbai Open, 2017
  • Gold in Women’s Doubles in Jaipur Open, 2019
  • Bronze in Women’s Singles in Jaipur Open, 2019
  • Gold in Women’s Doubles in JMDYC Open, 2019-08-17
  • Highest Auctioned Female Player in Pickleball Super League, 2019

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