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“Pickleball is so rejuvenating, it is like meditation for me…….”

with Sachin Shri Patil

DOB:                      28th  November, 1976

State:                    Maharashtra

City:                       Mumbai

Club:                     JMD

Sachin Shri Patil is a businessman; a man who has been into fashion industry quite for sometime. It is always a busy day for him when time flies; 24 hours in a day seems to be fairly less for his profession. But in those 24 hours there is always time for Pickleball- a sport that has changed the lives of many.

“It is so rejuvenating; it’s like meditation for me.”

Sachin Patil started playing Pickleball some two years back. While looking for something new to keep himself ‘healthy and excited’, he found Pickleball.

“When my friends introduced this game to me it was like a magnetic effect. I was pulled into it and I got so easily moulded into the game as if it was just waiting to happen. I will always be thankful to my Team JMDYC for introducing me to such a lovely game.”

Sachin Patil (fourth from right) with his JMDYC mates

JMDYC , the youth club of Jal Mangal Deep Society,  is one of the most happening Pickleball grounds in Mumbai. With a unique sports culture, this building society has been instrumental in bringing many residents- young and old, male and female- on the Pickleball court.  Sachin is a member of this group. They come together every evening, play Pickleball, bond over the game and develop a healthy community relationship.

“Pickleball is a game for all levels, be it recreation or be it the advance pro games. Anyone can play this game where age is no bar. It is a lovely community game.”

Sachin Patil after winning gold in JNS Open, 2018

Sachin Patil can be considered a newcomer in the game. He is steadily getting into this game knowing the pros and cons. He intends to participate in more tournaments but is not at all in a hurry. He does not want to rush into tournaments, win medals and be into the hardcore competition.

“Rather I want to consider Pickleball a way to be more focused, agile and more disciplined. Moreover what I found most interesting is a number of good people I have met in this short span of time because of this game.”

Sachin Patil wants to concentrate more on his fitness level, drills and patience. He knows for that he needs to spend a little more time on the court.

“As AIPA is planning to have a proper grading system for players I would surely like to improve my ratings. The upcoming AIPA- RYP Ranking Tournament will be a major boost for all the players. Through this tournament I can actually know where I stand. This will also help me to take decision on participating in major events in India and abroad.”


  1. Gold in Men’s Doubles at JNS Open, 2018
  2. Silver in Men’s Doubles at RYP Open Tournament, 2018
  3. Bronze for Team Thor in Avengers League, 2019.

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