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“Pickleball provides a perfect work-life balance for me”



DOB:              25th June, 1993

State:             Rajasthan

City:               Jaipur

Club:              VDN & Playard

Megha Kapoor stumbled upon Pickleball when one day she was having a very casual workout at Vidhyadhar Nagar Stadium in Jaipur. After having quite an idea about the game, she liked it and started to play.

“It was that period when my exams were just over and I was having some free time before joining my job.  So, Pickleball was a good option for me.”

It was also the time when Jaipur was set to host the 4th National Pickleball Tournament in 2016 and the team selection committee of Rajasthan were searching for players.  Niraj Sharma approached Megha to be his doubles partner in the National Tourney.

“Everyday, I went to the stadium in the morning, practiced Pickleball till lunch and then returned to the nets in the evening. I was so much helped by the entire Jaipur team that I became ready to play for the Nationals within 18 days of picking up the paddle.”

Pickleball is now Megha’s passion. A software engineer by profession working in A3logics, she finds little time for herself. But that ‘me’ time is spend in playing Pickleball or giving demonstrations to beginners.

“The game provides a perfect work-life balance for me by never allowing my schedule to get monotonous. It always offers new and rich experiences. Pickleball has also boosted my confidence and is giving me recognition on various platforms.”

Pickleball has taken Megha Kapoor to various places. She has been to national and international tournaments and won much accolades. In spite of the small frame, she is amazingly aggressive on the court which has helped her to become one of the premier players of Indian Pickleball within a very short time.

“I constantly try to widen my skill set and improve my level. I am also focusing on representing India as much as I can.”

Megha Kapoor will soon be travelling to Germany to play for Team Asia in the German Open at Essen. This will be her third international tournament after Bangkok Open and Spanish Open in 2018. But at the same time she also wants to promote this beautiful game among more people, especially among youngsters.

“I think the youngsters are to be properly guided. It is not only the game that they have to learn, but there are so many aspects they have to know. For instance, as I use Selkirk Amped Invikta Midweight paddle, it is not necessary that all other players should use it. The choice of the right gear is very necessary. Moreover, conduct on court is of utmost important. We should all set example not only for others but also for ourselves.”


  • 2nd Runner-up in Mixed Doubles in 4th Senior National Pickleball Tournament 2016
  • Runner-up in Mixed Doubles in Bangkok Open Pickleball Tournament 2017
  • Winner in Women’s Doubles in Federation Cup 2017
  • Runner-up in Women’s Doubles in 1st Jalgaon Open 2017
  • Runner-up in Mixed Double in 5th Senior National Pickleball Tournament 2018
  • Winner in 3.5 category in Women’s Doubles in Spanish Open Pickleball Tournament 2018
  • 2nd Runner-up in 4.5 category in Mixed Doubles in Spanish Open Pickleball Tournament 2018
  • Runner-up in Mixed Doubles in 1st Jaipur Open Pickleball Tournament 2019
  • Runner-up in Women’s Doubles in 1st Jaipur Open Pickleball Tournament 2019
  • Successfully started Pickleball in Payard, Skyfut and Rosary Public School with Niraj Sharma and Ronak Jain
  • Conducts Pickleball sessions with Niraj Sharma on dedicated Pickleball courts at Playard
  • Conducts Pickleball sessions on alternate days at Rosary Public School
  • Successfully organised tournaments at Nagaro (a leading software company) premises of Gurugram and Jaipur
  • Included in the management committee of 1st Jaipur Open Pickleball Tournament 2019 where she was instrumental in keeping equal prize money for Men’s and Women’s category
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