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Prime Table Tennis League- Maharashtra’s Top Talents Gear Up for Season 2 Showdown


Following the success of its inaugural season, Prime Table Tennis League Season 2 is poised to elevate the sport to new heights, particularly within Maharashtra and slowly towards the entire nation.


Prime Table Tennis League Season 2 which is scheduled on 27th and 28th April will witness top Table Tennis players across Maharashtra converging to Palava city for the 2-day tournament. With an impressive lineup of players set to compete, fans can expect a showcase of exceptional skill, passion, and sportsmanship.

Among the rising stars to watch out for in Prime Table Tennis League Season 2 is Prateek Tulsani from the Ninjas team, boasting an impressive National Ranking of 9 and no 1 in the state of Maharashtra in the U13 Boys category. Additionally, Ishan Khandekar and Tanish Pendse, representing Spinxttreme and Spartans respectively, would want to bring their best game forward for the tournament. Currently they are ranked 9th and 13th nationally and 7th and 4th at the state in the U15 boys category. Neil Mulye of the Yodhas team is expected to deliver dynamic gameplay in the U17 Boys category, holding the 14th position nationally with a State Rank of 3.

The excitement continues as Naisha Rewaskar from Spinxttreme is expected to dominate the U13 Girls category with a strong National Ranking of 5 and no 1 state ranking. Kavya Bhatt of the Ninjas team is one to watch in the U17 Girls category, securing the 3rd position nationally and ranks no 1 in the state.
Furthermore, the event will also see U19 National Champion Pritha Vartikar alongside Sampada Bhiwandkar of the Lion Warriors who showcased their exceptional abilities, securing top positions and engaging in intense competition in the U19 Girls category.
PTTL Season 2 is not just a tournament; it is an opportunity to witness the future stars of Indian table tennis in action.
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