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“Its scientifically proven that if you practice Mallakhamb, then it has...

Being a regular Mallakhamb artist in her younger days, Neeta Tatke knows its advantages. She started at the age of 7 and still at...

‘For Me, For You, For All’-the motto of Mallakhamb Day

15th June is celebrated as Mallakhamb Day. One of the most ancient sports of India, Mallakhamb is a rich cultural gift to the whole...

Uday Deshpande and his tryst with Mallakhamb

It was late 1950s. India had tasted independence some years back and people were trying to overcome the effects of colonialism in every aspect...

Mallakhamb’s glory-the tale of Shivaji Park sans cricket

As we enter Shivaji Park, located in one of the prime locations of Mumbai and have been famous as the breeding ground of Sachin...