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The ‘She Got Game’ of Seerat Midha- a grassroot level approach to spread Football among women


Seerat Midha, with her ‘She Got Game’ project, wants the so-called ‘weaker gender’ to prove their strength, tenacity and talent through the beautiful game of Football.

“A dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep.”

This is what Seerat Midha actually believes. Her dream project ‘She Got Game’ is taking baby steps, and getting ready to take a giant leap. Seerat endlessly dreams to transform this newly-formed entity into a noteworthy existence.

“When I started it was only me, but now I have 200 women who are members of my community.”

Growing up in Surat, the Western Indian city known for being the largest diamond manufacturing centre, Seerat proved to be another ‘diamond’. She was an enthusiastic Football player in school. When most of her friends went to play Basketball or Volleyball, Seerat stuck to Football, being mesmerized by its beauty.

But there was little awareness about women’s Football in the city. The schools did not have any extensive approach, the parents were unaware and most importantly the girls were not keen. So, it was difficult for Seerat to find like-minded footballers. Still, she pursued, kept searching for fellow players and continued practising. And a few years later, she was successful in building up a women’s community that met, played and talked Football.

As things started rolling, with women getting a space to communicate through Football, Seerat named the project ‘She Got Game’. She even organised a commendable number of tournaments in her hometown where women footballers formed teams and participated.

But at this point in time, Seerat Midha had to move out from Surat for higher studies. It is always said that whatever happens in life is for a purpose. Seerat’s shift to Mumbai was a boon, her admission to the International Institute of Sports Management made it easier for her to carry on her mission.

“I am presently in an environment where everyone talks sports. My teachers help me in channelising my thoughts in a proper way and also give me contacts of persons with whom I can meet and discuss about my project. And also I have my friends who support me completely.”

Sarvesh Lokhande, Seerat’s classmate, was elated to find a woman speaking about Football for a cause. Being a Football maniac and a professional footballer from Pune, Sarvesh is now a partner in Seerat’s ‘She Got Game’. In their first year in college, COVID played a spoilsport. But as soon as the pandemic started fading away, Seerat and Sarvesh were back in action. They began approaching people, made them understand their project and finally came up with their first tournament in Mumbai.

The Queen’s Soccer League was organised under the aegis of ‘She Got Game’ project in June 2022 at Mumbai’s Prabodhankar Thackrey Krida Sankul. This 5-a-side tournament had 16 teams with 120 professional female players participating from different cities of India. It was a knock-out based tournament where every team was rewarded irrespective of their result.

This unique point made every player give her best and the tournament turned out to be highly competitive. It also gave much exposure to the project as the tournament was organised at a prime location in Mumbai with a substantial number of footfall everyday.

“The tournament raised our confidence and we are now ready for the next tournament starting 27th August. Its called Futsal Women 6V6 with 15 teams,” informed Sarvesh.

Seerat is now eyeing to have a grassroot-level extension to her project. She intends to take this to the districts, small towns and villages of different states where there is no dearth of talent.

“I know there are many girls in villages and towns who are extremely talented but they don’t know how to hit the nail. We want to be the hammer for them.”

Yes, a hammer to strike the prohibitions and restrictions; to nail gender inequality and disparity. It’s the time to act and ‘She Got Game’ is indeed here to prove that statement.                  

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