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“I find Pickleball more exciting than other sports that I play…….”

with Shresta L Ram                   

DOB:                     22nd July 2005 

State:                    Karnataka

City:                      Bangalore

Club:                     KSPA

Shresta L Ram recently won two major medals in the 3rd Indian Open 2020 at Jaipur and thus made a name for himself. The young boy with exceptional flair is certainly a bright prospect for Pickleball in India.

Shresta is a student of 9th standard at National Hill View Public School in Bangalore. He plays Basketball and Table Tennis in school, but for the last 6 months Pickleball has become his favourite.

“I didn’t know anything about Pickleball unless and until it was introduced in our neighbourhood. When I played the sport I found it more exciting than other sports that I play in school. It is fun and addictive sport which enlightens my mind and keeps me fresh.”

Shresta practices Pickleball regularly in the evenings for one to two hours. Under the able guidance of the Secretary of Karnataka State Pickleball Association, Rajath Kankar, the young boy is gradually graduating from a novice to a matured player.   

“Rajath Kankar Sir is a great inspiration who guides me in every aspect of the game. He doesn’t motivate me only but the entire club. Under him we all are improving as players.  Pickleball is such a fun sport but for excelling in any sport we have to work hard. This is what we are all trying to do. We work hard on the court, give our 100% in tournaments and sometimes we get good results also.”

Another interesting fact that keeps Shresta hooked to Pickleball is visiting many places while playing tournaments.   

“First and foremost, I love travelling and a trip along with tournament is more encouraging than usual. Whenever we visit a place, we need to have an aim about how to move around that place. And exploring and travelling along with tournaments can make better-organized trips.”

Shresta is being definitely supported by his parents in whatever he does. He is proud to have such fun-loving and friendly parents. His father being a Pickleball player himself is an added advantage for him. They together travel for tournaments, encourage each other and motivate themselves to do better in this sport.

“I am so happy to become a member of this beautiful Pickleball family. I made new friends with whom I like to share my thoughts. We cheer for each other and fill in positive thoughts whenever any of us plays on the court. In this way we are growing as a team as well.”

Shresta’s main aim is now to improve his game with each passing day. As of now he wants to continue playing Pickleball, participate in more tournaments and remain a member of Pickleball family forever.

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