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“Pickleball has given me hope to play for the country…….”

with Harsh Mehta

DOB:                      31st May 1998

State:                    Maharashtra

City:                       Mumbai

Club:                     Khar Gymkhana

Being a national-level Table Tennis player, Harsh Mehta always dreamt of representing the country in international tournaments. But due to his growing-pressure in studies, he could not fulfil that dream. But Table Tennis has opened the gates for a different sport that is gradually taking him forward to fulfil that dream once again.

“One day when I was having my usual TT session, I saw Pickleball being played at KG and thought of trying it out. After playing it for the first time, I got very attracted and soon along with my friend Anirudhha, I started playing it frequently. We loved it and got attached to it.”

Pickleball has turned to be an addiction for Harsh Mehta now. And this addiction has given him immense stamina. 

“This addiction has developed patience in me. And most importantly I have developed a great sense of partnership especially with my partner on whom I have full faith and trust.”

Pickleball, has thus given Harsh new friends; lifetime friends who are supporting him and are helping in his personal life as well. Harsh’s game is improving day-by-day. He has recently won gold in Men’s Double with Anirudhha Dhairyavan at 1st AIPA-RYP All India Ranking Tournament. But he himself knows the areas in which he needs to improve.

 “I want to improve my drive strokes and my mental strength so that I can play my best in all types of conditions and pressure situations.”

Players like Harsh Mehta are the future of Indian Pickleball. Their talent and desire to improve everyday are their assets through which they can scale new heights.

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