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“Pickleball has helped me to gain recognition amongst the best players…….”

with Shreejit Nair

DOB:                      29th July 1998

State:                    Maharashtra

City:                       Mumbai

Club:                     JMDYC

Being a typical Mumbai boy, Cricket ran in blood of Shreejit Nair. He played Cricket from childhood and grew up with a dream to play professional Cricket. And true to his thoughts, Shreejit now plays Cricket for Mumbai Cricket Association. But now there is another sport that keeps him occupied.   

“Pickleball came to me on a fine day when Manish Rao along with Manoh Jadav displayed the game in our society with some basic paddles and balls. In the beginning the feel of the paddle hitting the ball was quite different from other racket games. But soon I got used to it and started enjoying it. Being a Badminton player it was easy for me to cope up.”

Shreejit Nair has become a regular Pickleball player. Being a resident of Jal Mangal Deep Society has become an added advantage for players like Shreejit. JMD has an extensive sports culture where residents whole-heartedly participate in different sporting activities giving the youth and children utmost encouragement to play various sports.

“Pickleball has now become an everyday sport for me. Form 8pm – 10pm, everyday literally we play Pickleball. For that thanks to our Youth Club for making 2 wonderful courts for players like usto practice daily and improve our game for the future.”

This daily practice of Pickleball in JMD is making its Pickleball players polished and competitive. They are playing different tournaments throughout India and are winning medals too. Shreejit Nair is one such players who often has podium finishes in tournaments.  

“Pickleball has helped me to gain recognition amongst the best players and also has created a good bonding with them. And yes the fitness level has tremendously increased. I need to improve my slow game and accurate dinking as well. I am looking forward to play as many tournaments as possible in India and international also.”


  • Bronze in Men’s Doubles at 1st Unseeded Mumbai Suburban District Open, 2018
  • Bronze in Men’s Doubles at RYP Pickleball Tournament, 2018
  • Bronze in Men’s Doubles at 19th Parle Mahotsav, 2018
  • Member of the gold-medal winning team at Avenger’s Pickleball League, 2019
  • Gold in Mixed Doubles at 1st JMDYC Open, 2019
  • Bronze in Men’s Doubles at Indian Open Season 3, 2020

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