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“Pickleball has made my parents speak proudly about me…..”


with Ashish Ravindra Mahajan

DOB:              2nd March 1996

State:             Maharashtra

City:               Mumbai

Club:              Team CK and Pickleball NX

Ashish Ravindra Mahajan is grateful to Mr Chetan Kate for introducing him to Pickleball. An alumni of M. L Dhanukar College in Mumbai, the initial hub of Pickleball in Mumbai, Ashish first played the sport in his college campus.

“When I got admission in college, Cricket was my favourite sport. But once I was introduced to Pickleball, everything changed. I became addicted to the game. Almost everyday, I play it with my mates. Now it makes me feel that Pickleball is everything for me. I can’t imagine my life without Pickleball. In fact some people know me and my name only because of Pickleball.” 

Ashish is indebted to Pickleball for bringing discipline in his life. He is within a specific routine where he diligently plays Pickleball 3-4 times a week. While playing, he meets several people, goes to many places and thus increases his knowledge on sports. It is also because of Pickleball that he has been chosen by HUDL, the company that builds powerful and flexible tools for sports video analysis, as a sports analyst. 

“When people ask my parents about me, they proudly say that he has represented Maharashtra in national level. I want to represent my country in international tournaments so that they can be prouder.”

Though, Ashish Mahajan has quite a handful of medals in his kitty, yet he knows his weakness.

“I need to improve my fitness as well as my skill level. Moreover, I need to learn the game strategy better. I want to learn it from my seniors who play international tournaments more.”

Practice makes a man perfect. Ashish knows that there is no alternative to practice which would increase his skill and fitness. His plan is to participate in more international-level tournaments.

“Prolite Rebel is my favourite paddle. I also use Prolite Magnum for playing. But I know, whatever may be the paddle, I need to practice continuously. I have to take time off from my busy schedule for practicing. Without that no improvement will be possible for me.”



Silver in Men’s Singles at 5th Mumbai District Tournament, 2017

Silver in Men’s Singles at 3rd Mumbai District Tournament, 2015

Bronze in Men’s Singles at District Pickleball Tournament, 2016 

Bronze in Mixed Doubles at District Pickleball Tournament, 2016


Gold in Boy’s Singles at U-19 State Tournament, 2014

Gold in Boy’s Singles at State Tournament, 2016


Bronze in Men’s Singles at 3rd National Pickleball Championship, 2015

Silver in Men’s Singles at Federation Cup, 2075


4th Place in Men’s Doubles at 2nd Indian Open Pickleball Championship, 2018


Silver in Men’s Doubles at Parle Mahotsav Club, 2018

Silver in Men’s Singles at 1st Mumbai Open Pickleball Championship, 2017

Gold in Men’s Singles at Krushetra College Fest, 2015

Silver in Men’s Singles at Krushetra College Fest, 2014

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