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“Pickleball has those distinct qualities that keep me fit”…..

with Madhulika Choudhary

DOB:              30th August 1997

State:             Rajasthan

City:               Sikar

Club:              VDN & Playard

“I used to play Lawn Tennis in Jaipur’s Vidhyadhar Nagar Stadium. At that time the trials for 4th Senior National Pickleball Tournament were going on in the stadium and Rajasthan needed Pickleball players. Niraj Sharma, who also played Tennis, approached and introduced me to Pickleball. He encouraged me to participate in the trials. That was the first time I picked up a paddle, practiced for some days and later gave trial. I got selected and represented my state in the Nationals. Even I won silver in my first tournament.” 

Madhulika Choudhary thus started her Pickleball journey in 2016. Luckily for her, that year the National Tournament was slated to be held at Jaipur. She was immensely helped by other players and officials of Rajasthan who stood united to make the Nationals a grand success.    

Madhulika’s life, at the same time, has been coursed in a specific direction. She is focused now on two things- one is to become a college professor and the other is to keep on playing Pickleball as much as she can.

“I am preparing for various government examinations for which I need tremendous concentration. This is where Pickleball has played a vital part in my life. It has increased my focus wonderfully and also keeps me fit to take the stress of different competitive examinations.”

Madhulika is on a balancing act. Her studies are complemented perfectly by her Pickleball. But what has helped her most is her punctuality. Megha Kapoor, her doubles partner, reflected, “She reaches the stadium before everyone for practice. Dedication towards practice is a very good quality.”

Madhulika Choudhary has improved her game a lot. She has also a very good quality of self analysis.

“I am basically a doubles player and always prefer a right-handed partner who can dink in major style. I have strong smashes, so I always like to play with someone who play a soft game.”


  • Silver in Women’s Doubles in 4th Senior National Pickleball Tournament 2016
  • Gold in Women’s Doubles in Federation Cup 2017
  • Gold in Women’s Double in 5th Senior National Pickleball Tournament 2018
  • Gold in Women’s Doubles in Spanish Open Pickleball Tournament 2018
  • Gold in Mixed Doubles in 1st Jaipur Open Pickleball Tournament 2019
  • Silver in Women’s Doubles in 1st Jaipur Open Pickleball Tournament 2019

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  1. I am proud of the things you did Madhuuu… Even the bumps and bruises that you’ve had on the way. You fell down, you got up, you brushed yourself off and you kept going. And that’s what we are proud of…

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