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“Pickleball is a bundle of fun, fitness and pleasure…….”

with Ashwani Kumar Wadhwa

DOB:              20th October 1963

State:             Rajasthan

City:               Jaipur

Club:              Playard & VDN 

“I think when you share yourself with others, life begins to find its meaning; the time you touch the heart of others is the moment you truly start living…….”

Ashwini Wadhwa’s philosophy in life truly reflects his mind. The man in his mid fifties always smiles, sings whole-heartedly, laughs abundantly, loves utmost and even ‘”sometimes do stupid things” because according to him being stupid is not a crime. The popularity of this man has grown, both among young and old; Pickleball India is proud to have a man like Ashwani who believes in living life to the fullest.

“I do believe that Pickleball is joining generations. Older ones and younger ones are playing with the same enthusiasm. So whatever you want to do, do it now because nobody knows what happens tomorrow.”

That is why Wadhwa started playing Pickleball. As serious diabetes plagued him with very few corrective measures, Ashwani thought of trying Pickleball to bring a change in his physical and mental status.

“I became diabetic at the age of 35 and started taking medicines. But I could not control my sugar level. In 2015 I was taken by the disease Diplopia which is associated with double vision as a side effect of continuous rise of blood sugar levels. I have played Badminton at state level in my college days and later also occasionally played it. But due to Diplopia I stopped playing Badminton and started walking in Vidyadhar Nagar Stadium. There I saw few people playing Pickleball. I was attracted towards the game and joined them. Pickleball, instantly, brought a lot of fun and pleasure in my life. After playing the game for more than 4 years, I have now become much more active in life. My sugar level is also under control.”

As playing Pickleball has now become a habit for Ashwani, he has certain goals in life encompassing the game. From a beginner he has promoted himself to 4.0 category.

“I wish to play in 5.0 category. I wish to learn more about the game, improve myself and also contribute towards the growth of the game. I am fortunate enough to be the President of Raj Royals Pickleball Association. This is an added advantage to me for taking decisions about the development of this game not only in my state but also throughout India.”

To Ahwani Wadhwa, Pickleball is also something that connects people. Though being an industrialist in the manufacturing sector, Wadhwa takes time out to travel to different parts of India and also abroad for tournaments and competitions.

“It is not just a game but it develops community. We feel as if we are travelling with our family. This removes all the stresses and leaves us refreshed.”


  • Silver Medal in Men’s Doubles at 4th National Pickleballl Championship, 2016
  • Silver Medal in Men’s Doubles at Bangkok Open Tournament, 2017
  • Bronze Medal in Mixed Doubles at 1st Indian Open Championship, 2017
  • Silver Medal in Men’s Singles at Spanish Open Tournament, 2018
  • Gold Medal in Men’s Doubles, 50+ at Spanish Open Tournament, 2018
  • Gold Medal in Men’s Doubles, 19+ at German Open Tournament, 2019
  • Gold Medal in Mixed Doubles, 50+ at German Open Tournament, 2019
  • Member of Team World that won the Bainbridge Cup against Team Europe

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