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“Pickleball is not just a game for me but a way of my existence”…..



DOB:              31st August 1990

State:             Maharashtra

City:               Mumbai

Club:              Team CK 

Chetan Kate is one of the men without whom Pickleball would not have happened in India. Way back in 2010, when Sunil Valavalkar desperately needed some young blood, Chetan rose like a phoenix from the ashes.

“I was a National Service Scheme (NSS) volunteer of M.L. Dahanukar College. I led my NSS Unit as a secretary in 2010 and also represented my college at university level. Our programme officer, Mr. N.M. Pagar and Sunil sir knew each other. One day Pagar sir offered me to conduct a Pickleball Summer Camp with Sunil sir at St.Thomas High School in Goregaon. But I wasn’t aware about Pickleball. So I was a bit sceptical about the programme. But Sunil sir explained everything to me – giving the basic information of raquet and ball, court size, how to play etc. And the way he explained me was really amazing. On the very first day I fell in love with the game. After successfully conducting the summer camp, I introduced Pickleball in our college with the support of our former principal Dr. Madhavi Pethe and Pagar sir.”

Thus, Chetan Kate’s life with Pickleball started almost along with the initiation of this game in India. After introducing it in his college, Chetan motivated his mates to pick up paddles. A team of 12-13 players was formed that gave a base for further development.

“We introduced it in our annual college fest ‘Indradhanush’. Even our M.L. Dahanukar College is the first college in India to conduct a Pickleball inter-collegiate competition. Today I feel very proud saying that, Pickleball is not just game for me but it’s a way of my existence.”

Chetan also feels that Pickleball has made him a lot more disciplined and lifted his confidence. Sometimes when he feels low, a game of Pickleball increases his energy level. But at the same time it has also taught him how to control the emotions. In a nutshell, Pickleball has a multi-folded effect on Chetan Kate.   

“Other than physical fitness, self confidence and social interaction, Pickleball has increased my organisational skill. I have organised around 20 Pickleball events including inter-college, district, state and national level tournaments.”

This character development through Pickleball is helping Chetan Kate in his professional life too. Presently, he works as an Assistant Material Officer in Bombay Hospital but he knows how to manage time. So meeting his professional commitments, Chetan is often found on courts either as a player or a match official or simply as an audience.

“I love to handle the pressure of life. It gives me immense satisfaction when I find that I can manage all aspects of life. And thanks to Pickleball that I have met some amazing person who helped me develop as a person. I am indebted to Sunil sir, Parag sir, and Madhavi madam for thinking that I am eligible to promote Pickleball. My college NSS Unit where I made some amazing friends like Priyanka Malkar, Sagar Neve, Pooja Jamkar, Krishna Gupta, Hetal Kini who always stood by me when I pursued an unknown sport. And today I am being continuously supported by Manish Rao, Atul Edward, Uday Dhonde, Poulomi Kundu. My Team CK , Parle NX Club , Club MK , Team KG , Team JMD , Team Amar Subway, Team Clublink act as vertebrae of my backbone.”

With all support, Chetan Kate now wants to work more for the promotion of the game. He wants to develop more centres and also keeps his fingers crossed for getting government grants and approvals for the game.


  • Bronze Medal in Mixed Doubles at District Pickleball Tournament, 2013
  • Bronze Medal in Mixed Doubles at Sate Pickleball Tournament, 2013
  • Silver Medal in Mixed Doubles at 1st National Pickleball Championship, 2013
  • 4th Place in Mixed Doubles at 2nd National Pickleball Championship, 2014
  • Gold Medal in Men’s Doubles at 1st   Inter College Competition, Mumbai 2014
  • Participated Mix Doubles at 2nd Indian Open Pickleball Championship, 2018
  • Handled all types of adminstrative works of AIPA related to Tournament Organizing, Player Registration, Maintaining Tournament Report, Demo Planning etc.
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  1. Chetan Kate has been the key person in all activities conducted by AIPA. This article is a true tribute to his hard work put towards the development of Pickleball in India.

  2. Too good Chetan . Keep it Up!!! Would love to learn this game if age n time permits. Best wishes from a dear colleague at Bombay Hospital– Carmen


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