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“Pickleball provides an entire new experience to figure out the true Abhiruchi…….”

with Abhiruchi Bagora

DOB:                      10th April 1988

State:                    Madhya Pradesh

City:                       Indore

Club:                     Malhar Krida Kendra, Indore

Abhiruchi Bagora is one of the few Indian players who have represented India in the world Pickleball stage. It was German Open 2019 and Abhiruchi won bronze in Women’s Doubles. That winning moment made her realise how one actually feels after winning an international medal for her country. Pickleball has given her that opportunity to feel the real.    

“It is amazing when one wins internationally. Its the joy of sport, the spirit of sport that stretches beyond boundaries.”

Pickleball has given a new identity to Abhiruchi. The Indore girl saw Pickleball being played in college while she was pursuing her PG course. She felt that it was not a strenuous sport and that she could play it during her free time.  

“One day I saw some folks playing this sport and after showing interest, Balwant Sir encouraged me to join the other players. Once I started playing, I started to gain some positive energy inside. Playing Pickleball in the morning always lifted me up for the whole day and thus I decided to live with this sport.”

Pickleball is being regularly played and practiced in Madhya Pradesh now. Many young talented players are coming up from certain areas of the state. Abhirucgi Bagora belongs to that bunch of players who is regarded as the future of Indian Pickleball.

“It has definitely increased my fitness level. But what is more important is that it provides an entire new experience of figuring out the true Abhiruchi. It comes with all positive thinking and confidence to me.”

Abhiruchi wants to participate in maximum tournaments as she knows that it will enhance her ability to compete with others. Interaction with other players in tournaments also keeps the momentum going for her. She gets aware of new players, skill level, gears, accessories and others. Moreover, she wants to encourage more girls in taking up Pickleball.  

“Sky is the limit for women in India in this sport. Balwant Sir and his team is working hard to bring in more women players. This is a perfect game for every woman irrespective of her age and size. Pickleball has really taught me to fly high with the wings of sport.”


  • Bronze in Women’s Doubles at German Open in Essen, 2019
  • Bronze in Women’s Doubles at Jaipur Open in Jaipur, 2019
  • Gold in Women’s Doubles at 3rd State Championship in Indore, 2019
  • Bronze in Women’s Singles at 3rd State Championship in Indore, 2019

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