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Siddhant Waghmare wins gold in the 1st Interschool Rifle Shooting Competition organised by Lakshavedh Shooting Range

Lakshavedh Rifle and Pistol Shooting Range organised its 1st Interschool Rifle Shooting competition at Vikhroli in Mumbai. Around 30 students from 8 different schools participated in the event. At the end Siddhant Waghmare of St Joseph School, Vikhroli won the gold with 67 points. Jeevak Bansode of Udayachal School won the silver with 63 points and the bronze went to Sahil Mathkar of St Joseph School who scored 60 points.  


Siddhant Waghmare (Sitting Extreme Left) won gold and Sahil Mathkar (Sitting Extreme Right) won bronze 
Sr No Name School Score  
1 Siddhant Waghmare St Joseph High School 67/100 GOLD
2 Jeevak Bansode Udayachal School 63/100 SILVER
3 Sahil Mathkar St Joseph High School 60/100 BRONZE
4 Shwet Girkar St Joseph High School 55/100  
5 Sheehan Dineshkumar Udayachal School 44/100
6 Saish Shinde Dr B.A.Vidyalaya 40/100
7 Sairaj Indulkar Dr B.A.Vidyalaya 35/100
8 Soham Phulare Dr B.A.Vidyalaya 34/100
9 Shrirang Kolambe Dr B.A.Vidyalaya 33/100
10 Soham Mungekar St Joseph High School 30/100
11 Devang Kalhapure Veekays High School 30/100
12 Samir ghadge Orchid INT School 30/100
13 Dushyant Narvekar Veekays High School 28/100
14 Ranvir Kadam Orchid INT School 28/100
15 Siddhesh S Vikhroli Vidyalaya 26/100
16 Pankaj G Orchid INT School 26/100
17 Gurusharan Singh Guru Gobind School 25/100
18 Ruchir Chauhan Orchid INT School 25/100
19 Deepam P Veekays High School 22/100
20 Harpreet kaur Guru Gobind School 22/100
21 Rahul T Orchid INT School 22/100
22 Omkar Sawant Guru Gobind School 20/100
23 Harish Choudhary Madhyamik High School 20/100
24 Manas Suralkar Vikhroli Vidyalaya 18/100
25 Jayant Kanade Orchid INT School 18/100
26 Amit Gaikar Madhyamik High School 10/100
27 Sushil H Madhyamik High School 10/100
28 Sagar G Vikhroli Vidyalaya 08/100
29 Deepak Gaikwad Vikhroli Vidyalaya 07/100
30 Harshal Shringare Vikhroli Vidyalaya 06/100


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