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“Pickleball serves me with a purpose everyday…….”


with Krishna Mantri

DOB:              23rd December 2000

State:             Maharashtra

City:               Aurangabad

Club:              Aurangabad Pickleball Club 

Krishna Mantri is the rising star of Indian Pickleball. The game has taken a permanent place in his heart. He is only 18 but is certain about continuing the game throughout his life.   

“I have been playing Tennis since the age of 10. In 2013, I came to know about Pikleball from Mahesh Pardeshi Sir, my coach. It was a cool sport to me with a unique name, distinctive paddle, quirky balls and hybrid rules. At my very first attempt I enjoyed the game so much that I just started playing it throughout.”

Krishna made his tournament debut in 2014 at the 2nd Senior State Level Pickleball Championship held in Ahmednagar. A mere debutant in 2014, Krishna became runner-up in the 3rd Senior National Pickleball Championship held at Panipat in 2015. And after that medals started coming in for him. It is his sheer hardwork and aim to remain fit that has yielded positive results for him.

“In the beginning Pickleball was primarily a fitness routine for me. After months of practice, when I realised that I was playing good enough, I tried myself in some tournaments. Seeing other players play such exceptionally well, I just wanted more of this game. This gave me passion. Of course, Pickleball demands good stamina and fitness capabilities in players; it actually helped me develop those factors in me. And eventually today, my identity and network in the Pickleball fraternity is what I cherish.”

Krishna Mantri has evolved as a player in this short span of time that he has got. Hardwork, fitness, stamina are all there; but at the same time he believes that the choice of the right gear and accessories is very important to be successful in any sport.   

“I primarily use Shelkirk Pro S1c+ composite paddle. However, I have also played with Prolite Rebel, Gamma Micron. I prefer practicing with Franklin X40 and Onix Outdoor Fuse ball. Considering footwear, I play with Tennis sole shoes.”

Krishna Mantri (standing extreme left in last row) with his coach and Aurangabad team mates

Krishna enjoys the little success that he has gained in Pickleball. Being a student it becomes sometimes difficult to manage time for Pickleball but he has taken it as a challenge. As he is sure to pursue this sport  further in life, he has mastered the art of time management.  

“Pickleball serves me with a purpose everyday, something to work for every morning. It has taught me to manage time effectively, while I schedule my practice and study regularly. I am motivated to work harder with every win or defeat I experience. It is through Pickleball that I came across my mentor Atul Edward Sir who has always pushed me to aim higher. Overall this sport has helped me gain important life lessons like patience and disciplined perseverance.”

Krishna Mantri with his mentor Atul Edward after winning gold in Bangkok Open

Krishna Mantri won his first international medal with Atul Edward in Bangkok in 2018. Edward always partnrs with young players to encourage them to play better. According to him, “Krishna is a player with a rather mature head on his strong shoulders. He has a cool and collected temperament which is an asset. The thing that is most striking in Krishna’s game is his effortless timing; he has been playing Tennis from a young age and the ease with which he times the ball is rather impeccable. He adopts an aggressive style of play which is quite opposite of his demeanour. I would reiterate by saying it’s the way the young lad times the ball which is quite effortless and pleasing to watch.”  

Krishna is now planning to participate in more international tournaments. In 2012, he wishes to shift to Mumbai to get a larger exposure of the game.

“In future I tend to work harder and earn a top-layer rank in national and international Pickleball fraternity.”


  • Runner-up in Singles at 3rd Senior National Pickleball Championship, 2015
  • Winner in Singles (U-19 Boys) at Divisional Sports Officers’ Pickleball State Championship, 2015
  • Winner in Singles (U-19 Boys) at Divisional Sports Officers’ Pickleball State Championship, 2016
  • Winner in Singles at Junior National Pickleball Championship, 2017
  • Winner in Men’s Doubles at 2nd Bangkok Pickleball Championship, 2018
  • 2nd Runner-up in Singles at 2nd Jalgaon Open Pickleball Championship, 2018
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