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Prime Table Tennis Season 2- SpinXttreme beat Clippers to win the final


SpinXttreme emerged victorious at the Prime Table Tennis Season 2 as the final score read 6-5 in favour of them.

After a thrilling showdown, SpinXttreme won over Team Clippers to claim the championship title of Prime Table Tennis Season 2. The grand finale, held at the Olympic Sports Centre in Palava City, witnessed a riveting battle between the two powerhouse teams, showcasing the prowess of 56 elite athletes from 8 formidable teams.
Both SpinXttreme and Clippers demonstrated their dominance in the semi-finals, with SpinXttreme overpowering Team Sensattions 6-2 and Clippers securing a convincing 6-1 victory against Team King Pong, setting the stage for an intense final clash.
The championship match unfolded with gripping intensity, as SpinXttreme ultimately emerged triumphant. Kicking off with a mixed doubles match featuring Siddhesh and Mansi from SpinXttreme against Zubin and Shruti from Clippers, SpinXttreme claimed an early lead by securing the first game 2-1. The singles matches saw fierce competition, with Parth Magar of Clippers narrowly defeating Ishan Khandekar, while Naisha Rewaskar of SpinXttreme dominated over Hritika Madhur, propelling SpinXttreme to a 2-1 lead.
Team Clippers staged a strong comeback as Siddhant Deshpande defeated Sharveya Samant tying the tie at 2-2 and then taking the lead with Radhika Sakpal beating Sana D’souza. In the Golden singles, a unique team event introduced by Prime Table Tennis where each set equals to 1 point, team SpinXttreme took full advantage of it winning it 2-1 and level the overall set to 4 each. In game 5 of the finals Siddhesh Pande of SpinXttreme defeated Zubin Taraporwala to give them a slender lead of 5-4 with just two games to go.
Shruti Amrute of team clippers held her nerves and defeated Manasi Chiplunkar to level the final score again at 5-5, the finals went into the decider which was played by the sages Manish Rawat and Onkar Jog and Manish Rawat of Team SpinXttreme  defeated Onkar Jog comfortably securing a narrow 6-5 victory and claiming the coveted championship title of Season 2.
Expressing his delight, Abhishek Jain, CEO of Prime Table Tennis, congratulated SpinXttreme on their remarkable victory, praising the league’s success and highlighting the spirit of collaboration and passion for the sport. Siddhesh Pande of SpinXttreme echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the team’s collective effort and extending gratitude to coaches and owners for their unwavering support throughout the journey.
An excited Siddhesh Pande of team SpinXttreme said, “The competition was tough and It feels great to be champions. It was a team effort, everyone played really well throughout the tournament and we would like to extend our sincere thanks to the coaches and owners who have supported us through the journey.”
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