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Gilli Danda International Federation approves Rule Book for Gilli Danda

In the blog post ‘Gilli Danda Strikes From Sepia To Colour’ (https://www.sportsavour.com/gilli-danda-strikes-from-sepia-to-colour/) we referred about the Rule Book that was going to be introduced by Gilli Danda International Federation (GDIF). As promised by the Secretary General of the Federation, Bhupendra Kisan Bharat (https://www.sportsavour.com/we-need-to-spread-our-rural-sports-to-various-strata-of-the-society-bhupendra-kisan-k-bharat/) the Rule Book has come into existence …

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Gilli Danda strikes from sepia to colour

“हमारे अंग्रेजी दोस्त माने या नहीं माने मैं तो यही कहूँगा की गुल्ली डंडा सब खेलो का राजा हैI ना लॉन की जरुरत, ना कोर्ट की, ना नेट की, ना थापी की…….” (My English friend might agree or not, but for me Gulli Danda is the king of all games. …

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