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Shapath Bharadwaj wins individual bronze, Lakshay-Manisha win team bronze

15-year old Shapath Bharadwaj won bronze in double trap shooting in ISSF Junior Shotgun World Cup at Porpetto  in Italy. Shapath qualified in second place for...

At 15, shooting sensation Shapath Bharadwaj hits the bull’s eye

When Shapath Bharadwaj takes his guard tomorrow to defend his double trap title in the ISSF Junior World Cup Shotgun event in Porpetto ,...

‘For Me, For You, For All’-the motto of Mallakhamb Day

15th June is celebrated as Mallakhamb Day. One of the most ancient sports of India, Mallakhamb is a rich cultural gift to the whole...

Uday Deshpande and his tryst with Mallakhamb

It was late 1950s. India had tasted independence some years back and people were trying to overcome the effects of colonialism in every aspect...

“We need to spread our rural sports to various strata of...

The age-old Indian game that has entertained the common people through ages is Gilli Danda. Popular in rural and semi-urban region, this sport is...