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The Grand ‘Young’ Lady- At 105, Rambai wins double gold at National Open Masters Athletics in record time


Rambai from Haryana, won gold in 100m at the age of 105 in 45.40 seconds by breaking the record of Late Man Kaur. She also won 200m gold in 1:52.17 seconds.

In 1917, it was somewhat a different world. India was heavily in the grip of the British, Mahatma Gandhi was gradually organising his national movements and the world was divided into axis and allied powers. In this milieu, Rambai was born.  

Since then 105 years has passed. Rambai has witnessed India’s independence, listened to the oath of 14 Prime Ministers, graduated from writing letters to sending whatsapp messages, watched film revolution from Devika Rani to Deepika Padukone, and celebrated India’s two World Cup cricket wins.

And today Rambai has become country’s ‘youngest’ athletic champion at the age of 105. The ‘Grand Old Lady’ of Indian athletics clinched a ‘Golden Double’ at the National Open Masters Athletics Championships held in Vadodara. 

Rambai won the 100m race in 45.40 seconds breaking the previous record of Manpreet Kaur who finished the 100m race in 74 seconds at the age of 101 in 2017. She also won the 200m race in 1:52.17 seconds to win two gold medals in the championships.

Rambai took up running only a year ago and started winning medals in different national competitions. She has now set her eyes on the international tournaments and is planning to apply for a passport. To keep herself fit, she is quite particular about her diet that includes pure vegetarian food and 250 gm of ghee and 500 gm of curd daily. She does all household chores and even works in the field.

With sheer grit and determination, Rambai has proved that age is just a number and life can really go beyond the limits.

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