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Winter Olympics 2022: UN urges ‘Olympic Truce’ during the Games


The UN General Assembly urged all nations to observe a truce during the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 starting in February 2022.

A resolution is adopted by consensus by the 193-nation world body that calls for an ‘Olympic Truce’ to encourage a peaceful environment and ensure safe passage and participation of athletes in the Games. It urges the members a halt to conflicts during one of the world’s premiere sporting events that can be “a tool to promote peace, dialogue and reconciliation.”

The Winter Olympics will run from 4th-20th February 2022  followed by the Winter Paralympics from 4th-13th March 2022 in Beijing.

The assembly resolution underlined the importance of cooperation among U.N. member states in implementing “the values of the Olympic truce around the world” and emphasized the importance of work promoting this by the International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee and the United Nations.

The General Assembly revived such calls for an Olympic Truce in 1993 after an appeal from the International Olympic Committee allowed athletes of war-torn Yugoslavia, which was on the brink of breaking up, to participate in the 1992 Barcelona summer games.

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