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With Avinash Sable at Colorado Springs during his workout session before the Eugene World Athletics Championships


The Mesa Ridge High School in Colorado was the venue for the weekend’s workout for India’s Avinash Sable who has been training in the USA for Eugene World Athletics Championships.

Chasing the fastest Indian male steeplechaser in the highlands of the Rocky Mountains, at an altitude of 2000m, is a difficult task. But not impossible if you have a local contact, good behind the wheels, to guide you early in the morning to the Mesa Ridge High School’s six-lane synthetic track, a 40-minute drive from the city.

PC: Avinash Sable Instagram

The track was the venue for the weekend’s workout for a group of international athletes, including Indian runners camping here since April in preparation for the Eugene World Athletics Championships, which start July 15. The Mesa Ridge High School is in the Fort Carson region of Colorado Springs, which is also a US military training base.

Avinash Sable, India’s Tokyo Olympian and national record holder in Men’s 3000m Steeplechase, is fondly called ‘Sabo’ by fellow runners, including double 5000m Olympic medallist Paul Chelimo of the US Army. “Sabo has gone for warm-up with the other runners, should be back in 20 minutes, you can wait,” said Samuel Kosgei, the US distance running coach.

Kosgei, a former international distance runner and now coach, was laying down markers around the track for the day’s speed sessions. “The markers have been placed at different intervals so that the athletes know from which point to speed up,” Kosgei explained.

PC: Avinash Sable Instagram

After nearly 30 minutes of jogging on the soft trail near the main track, the athletes headed to their vehicles in the parking area to change gear and replenish their energy drinks and water bottles for the track session. Sable took another 15 minutes to get ready for the speed workout. Considered a medal hopeful at the Eugene World Athletics Championships, Sable got a massage before loosening his tight hamstring.

The speed workout lasted over 40 minutes and was spread over distances ranging from 1600m to 400m. It was a sight to behold, Sable leading the pack of runners aspiring for medals at the World Championships.

Sable is in the midst of a warm-up session with coach Jaiveer Singh.
PC: Navneet Singh

At the finish point, the coach announced the time of the athletes. “He (Sable) is enjoying good fitness. We expect him to do exceptionally well at next week’s Eugene World Athletics Championships in Oregon,” Jaiveer Singh, the Indian coach with the team, said.

Sable’s confidence has gone up as he has been training with world-class runners at Colorado Springs. “I’m better prepared for the World Championships than the 2019 edition in Doha,” he said with an air of confidence before heading back to the hotel, nearly six miles away.

As written by acclaimed journalist Navneet Singh.

Courtesy: The Golfing Hub

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