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7th National Pickleball Tournament concluded with Maharashtra ruling the championship


Maharashtra emerged champion in three categories while Mumbai City won in one category in the recently concluded 7th National Pickleball Tournament held in Hyderabad from 24th-26th June 2022.  

Telengana is gradually turning out to be a Pickleball hotspot in India. With fast-emerging new talents, state-of-the-art court and able administrators, the state capital was chosen as the venue for the 7th National Pickleball Tournament. The event was organised by the Amateur Telangana Pickleball Association (ATPA) under the aegis of All India Pickleball Association (AIPA), the Amateur Pickleball Federation of India (APFI) and the Pickleball Federation of India (PFI).

Around 220 players from 16 States of India- Kerala, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Sikkim, Orissa and Uttarakhand- participated in this year’s Nationals. The event had 6 age categories- Under-14, Under-19, 19+, 40+, 50+ and 60+. The under 14, 19, 19+ and 40+ had the Men’s & Women’s Singles, Doubles and the Mixed Doubles whereas the Veteran category of 50+ & 60+ had the Men’s Single and Doubles.

The three days event was officially opened by Talasani Srinivas Yadav, Minister for Animal Husbandry, Fisheries &
Cinematography, Telangana. The other dignitaries present were L. Ramana, Member for the Legislative Council, Gajjala Nagesh, Chairman of Telangana State Beverages Corporation.

Speaking on the occasion, Ravula Sridhar Reddy, the President of the Amateur Telangana Pickleball Association said, “It’s a good opportunity for the people of Telangana to join this sport as this new sport has lot of potential for public at large. Its USP is that the sport is easily adaptable for all age groups from 8 years to 80 years.” He promised that the State Association will work hard to take Pickleball to all districts of the State.

Arvind Prabhoo, Chairman of AIPA could not attend the event as he was indisposed at Mumbai due to COVID-19.
He sent a video message to all the players and state officials declaring that the association wishes to increase the players base to 10 lakhs in next 5 years.

Team Maharashtra won three championship trophies out of four. They won the Under-14, Under-19 and the 19+ Championship for winning more medals. Team Mumbai won the Veterans Championship trophy. Maharashtra’s Snehal Patil won three gold in 19+ Women’s Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles. 

List of Medal Winners

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Under 14 Boys’ Single Piyush Gaikwad (Maharastra) Vishal Nishad (Chattisgarh) Dhanesh Dewangan (Chattisgarh)
Match Score Piyush beat Visha 11-8 Dhanesh bt Ninad 11-7
Under 14 Girls’ Single Mansi Hanwate (Maharastra) Prisha Shah (Mumbai) Anjali Pol  (Maharastra)
Match Score Mansi bt Prisha 11-8 Anjali bt Sarayu 11-1
Under 14 Boys’ Doubles Atharva Rajpurkar /Aditya Singh (Mumbai) Vishal Nishad/Dhanesh Dewangan (Chattisgarh) Shanesh Patil /Sunny Patil   (Maharastra)
Match Score Atharva/Aditya bt Vishal/Dhanesh 11-9 Sunny/Shanesh bt Ninand/Dhairya 11-7
Under 14 Girls’ Doubles Anjali Pol /Jinisha K  (Maharastra) Mansi Hanwate /Samradni Pardeshi  (Maharastra) Prisha Shah /Arushi Agarwal  (Mumbai)
Match Score Anjali/Jinisha bt Mansi/Samradni 11-7 Prisha/Arushi bt Pritthika/Mythreyi 11-1
Under 14 Mixed Doubles Aditya Singh  /Prisha Shah  (Mumbai) Piyush Gaikwad /Mansi Hanwate  (Maharastra) Arjun Singh/Arushi Agarwal  (Mumbai)
Match Score Aditya/Prisha bt Piyush/Mansi 11-8 Arjun/Arushi bt Shanesh/Anjali 11-7
Under 19 Boys’ Single Md Jaid (Jharkhand) Anurag Kulkarni  (Maharashtra) Tejas Gaikwad  (Maharastra)
Match Score Md. Jaid bt Anurag K 11-8, 11-4 Tejas bt Pranav 15-9
Under 19 Girls’ Single Lakshita Chitale   (Mumbai) Priyanka Sutar (Maharastra) Drishika Kasat   (Mumbai)
Match Score Lakshita bt Priyanka 15-10 Drishika bt Aditi 15-13
Under 19 Boys’ Doubles Pranav Doiphode/Anurag Nair   (Mumbai) Rohit Patil/Harsh Mutha (Maharastra) Tejas Gaikwad/Yash Gaikwad (Maharastra)
Match Score Pranav/ Anurag bt Harsh/Rohit 11-3, 11-3 Tejas/Yash G bt Sanindya/Aditya 15-4
Under 19 Girls’ Doubles Priyanka Sutar/Aditi Singh (Maharastra) Drishika Kasat/Isha Patel   (Mumbai) Lakshita Chitale/Saumya Lele   (Mumbai)
Match Score Priyanka/Aditi bt Drishika/ Isha 15-13 Lakshita/Saumya won 15-11
Under 19 Mixed Doubles Yash Gaikwad/Aditi Singh (Maharastra) Anurag Kulkarni/Priyanka Sutar (Maharastra) Kartik Poojary/Saumya Lele   (Mumbai)
Match Score Yash/Anurag bt Anurag/Priyanka 15-6 Kartik/Soumya bt Krishang/Soumya dt 15-13
19+ Men’s Single Tejas Mahajan  (Maharastra) Gaurav Rane (Mumbai) Kuldip Mahajan (Maharastra)
Match Score Tejas bt Gaurav 11-6, 11-5 Kuldip bt Aniket 15-5
19+ Women’s Single Snehal Patil (Maharastra) Pooja Wagh (Maharastra) Bhakti Adivarekar   (Mumbai)
Match Score Snehal bt Pooja 15-3 Bhakti bt Urvi 15-13
19+ Men’s Doubles Gaurav Rane/Kashyap Baranwal   (Mumbai) Aniket Durgawali/Ashish Mahajan   (Mumbai) Krishna Mantri/Prithviraj Rajput (Maharastra)
Match Score Gaurav/Kashyap bt Aniket/Ashish 15-8 Krishna/Prithviraj bt Tejas/Mayur 15-9
19+ Women’s Doubles Snehal Patil/Pooja Wagh (Maharastra) Bhakti Adivarekar/Urvi Abhyankar   (Mumbai) Anuradha Shirsath/Aishwarya Ingole (Maharastra)
Match Score Snehal/Pooja bt Bhakti/Urvi 15-1 Anuradha/Aishwarya bt Prachi/Nikitha 15-7
19+ Mixed Doubles Kuldip Mahajan/Snehal Patil (Maharastra) Pooja Wagh/Mayur Patil (Maharastra) Kashyap Baranwal/Urvi Abhyankar   (Mumbai)
Match Score Kuldip/Snehal bt Pooja Mayur 15-7 Kashyap/Urvi bt Anish/Pricilla 15-8
40+ Men’s Single Sandeep Tawde  (Maharastra) Sachin Patil(Mumbai) Sameer Oak  (Mumbai)
Match Score Sandeep Tawde bt Sachin Patil 11-08 Sameer bt Praveen Kumar 11-2
40+ Women’s Single Sarita Daware   (Mumbai) Leena Mulgaonkar   (Mumbai) Sneha Barve  (Maharastra)
Match Score Dr Sarita bt Leena 11-8 Sneha bt Pradnya 11-01
40+ Men’s Doubles Sameer Oak/Himanshu Dewaskar (Mumbai) Sachin Patil/Swapnil Rajpurka (Mumbai) Sudeep KV/Aji PL (Kerala)
Match Score Sameer / Himanshu bt Sachin/Swapnil 15-9 Sudeep/Aji bt Venkat/Chakrapani 11-5
40+ Women’s Doubles Pradnya Shenvi/Sneha Barve (Maharastra) Leena Mulgaonkar/Nisha Shah   (Mumbai) Subadha Varadkar/Gayatri Prabhudesai   (Mumbai)
Match Score Pradnya/Sneha bt Leena/Nisha 11-8 Subadha/Gayatri bt Sunita/Parul 11-3
40+ Mixed Doubles Himanshu Dewaskar/ Dr Sarita Daware   (Mumbai) Swapnil Rajpurkar/Nisha Shah   (Mumbai) Sandeep Tawde/Sunanna Nair   (Mumbai)
Match Score Himanshu/Dr Sarita bt Swapnil/Nisha 11-6 Sandeep/Sunna bt Sudep/Indramani 11-2
50+ Men’s Single Samant Brara  (Delhi) Salil Kumar (Delhi) Karan Singh Shekhawat (Rajasthan)
Match Score Samant bt Salil 11-3 Karan bt SKD Mishra  11-5
50+ Men’s Doubles Chetan Sanil/Suresh Bhansali   (Mumbai) Sunil Valavalkar/      Makarand Yedurkar   (Mumbai) Salil Kumar /Samant Brara (Delhi)
Match Score Chetan/Suresh bt Sunil/Makarand bt 11-7 Salil/Samanta bt Ranjit/Prabal 11-0
60+ Men’s Single Ramesh Masurekar   (Mumbai) Girish Shenvi   (Mumbai) Rajeev Sood (Uttar Pradesh)
Match Score Ramesh bt Girish 11-7 Rajeev bt Pradeep Saxena 11-7
60+ Men’s Doubles Girish Shenvi/Ramesh Masurekar   (Mumbai) Dilip Karekar /Suresh Mhaske   (Mumbai) Rajeev Sood/Pradeep Saxena (Uttar Pradesh)
Match Score Girish/Ramesh bt Dilip/Suresh 11-3 Rajeev/Pradeep bt S Rajeev/Mathew 11-7 
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