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A natural leader, Pranay Tari wants to lead Dueball to newer heights


Hailing from the state of Goa, Pranay Gajanan Tari is a budding Dueball player, who wants to make a mark on the international Dueball scene.

A natural leader, Pranay Tari feels right in his element when given the chance to take a group of people forward. His first introduction to Dueball came in April 2014 and since then he has been simply hooked on the game. From learning the game for the first time to now, Tari has competed in one international and no less than nine national tournaments. He has already represented the Indian Dueball Team at the international level.

“I love what I do, I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best.”

Tari plays a number of other games which include, Table Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Throwball. But, Tari only has eyes for Dueball. It is a sport that he loves and adores, for all the amazing doors it has opened for him in his life. As a Dueball player he got the chance to travel to different states. He believes that his love for Dueball mainly stems from all the things the sport has taught him, like, teamwork, leadership, community, hard work, the pursuit of excellence, and achieving goals. 

“It certainly teaches the values of dedication and patience. It also taught me how to handle failure.”

It can be said that other sports can also teach players such virtues. But according to Pranay, the difference between Dueball and other sports is the fact that Dueball has  the power to unite everyone towards a common goal. It can bring people together in ways they would never otherwise interact in. Tari feels that the uniqueness of his beloved sport is that it brings out the passion of players playing the game. He is so excited about Dueball that he wants to see it played at the Olympics within the next decade. But that might mean changes being made to the rules. In Tari’s view, the game is developing day by day and achieving new heights throughout. As a result of it’s evolution it is already being played differently than before. There is one thing he would like to do without.

“The game hasn’t been the same and on field is becoming slightly rough and needs to be slowed down.”

Pranay Tari’s everlasting love for Dueball is clearly evident from the fact that even after he retires as a player, he wants to not just be associated with the sport. He wants to be a manager or a coach, to have a hands-on effect on the sport that has given him so much.  Before signing off on the interview with Sportsavour, Tari left us with a deep and meaningful statement.

“The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital. Let’s Play Dueball.”

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