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Siddhi Kapoor- the young golfer who finds passion, vocation, profession and mission in Golf


As per the Japanese concept of ‘Ikigai’, which is about finding purpose in life while doing something dear to the heart, Siddhi Kapoor’s passion, vocation, profession, and mission, the four components of the theory, are in playing Golf.

PC: Siddhi Kapoor

Growing up in Kolkata, Siddhi Kapoor started at six and “was one of the best things I could do and I can’t thank my parents enough for letting me live and do what I desired the most”.

One of the few women golfers from the eastern region, it was clear that Siddhi’s calling lay in Golf. Turning professional at 18 on the Women’s Golf Association of India was a pointer, but a bigger one was winning in “my rookie year at the Delhi Golf Club amongst top women golfers and was exactly what I needed to boost my confidence and keep believing in the process”.

PC: Siddhi Kapoor

With time though the routine began to get dreary and left Siddhi in a state of restlessness till a life-changing event in April 2019. “I underwent surgery that set me back a bit. I did not Golf for about four months and recovery took about 6 to 7 months.”

The time away allowed Siddhi time to introspect. Not one to focus on the mental side, she started meditation and realised that “you must find your Ikigai and work towards it. There are hurdles that keep coming in life, but it is passion that drives us to our destiny. I’m grateful I was able to build myself up”.

Siddhi Kapoor is now back to Indian Golf and played the last few events of 2019 and some before lockdown. Even though the scores may not reflect the change, “I have never felt better physically and mentally. This time off given me a sense of motivation that I had lost.”

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